Why Is Food So Complicated?

I talked yesterday about how what you should eat is probably very simple.

So, why does it feel so complicated?

One big, glaring reason is: money.

The food business is big business. In touches us in so many ways, every day, from the day we were born. It’s woven into our politics, health care system, and culture. It’s on TV, book covers, cereal boxes, and Instagram.

It’s not all bad, but, a lot of it is not good for you.

So, how can you know where to start, and who to trust?

Trust what works well for you. Don’t just take it from me either.

“Your body, given half a chance, has an amazing capacity to heal itself.” – Josh Rosenthal, Founder & Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

That is true. No doctor or diet book can dispute how eating a certain way makes you feel.

Might you need a little guidance to get there? Of course.

But it’s only you who is the ultimate judge of what works for you.

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