“I Just Want To Be A Little Healthier”

Just being a little bit healthier than you are right now is perfect. You don’t need to become a ‘health nut’. You don’t need to only shop at Whole Foods, and order the kale & quinoa salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You don’t need to train like a bodybuilder or Navy S.E.A.L. I doContinue reading ““I Just Want To Be A Little Healthier””

What Do You Want For Your Body?

I write a lot about strength, particularly the kinds you develop from weightlifting. Short of working on a farm for a few years, there are very few ways to gain strength without lifting weights. But I want to be clear about something: even though I believe strongly in the power of weightlifting, and, the manyContinue reading “What Do You Want For Your Body?”

Gaining Strength Without Adding Weight

Most of my writing talks about adding more weight, incrementally, over time, to your lifts. Almost all of my training logs from the past ten years show those progressions. I’m a big fan of getting stronger. I usually seek to hit a new PR every time I touch a barbell. I don’t normally post myContinue reading “Gaining Strength Without Adding Weight”

Should I Cut Carbs To Lose Weight?

No. But, you might be eating too many carbs for you, and, if that’s the case, then, you should consider reducing not just the quantity of them, but the quality. So, if that’s you, then: Yes, you should cut bad carbs. What are bad carbs? Bad carbs are junk. Bad carbs are refined, processed floursContinue reading “Should I Cut Carbs To Lose Weight?”

Finding Fully Organic Juice Bars

The other day at Whole Foods I observed a guy who became rather angry with their juice bar staff & store manager. He was very upset to learn that the juice bar there does not use Organic produce. They serve conventional produce in their freshly-made juices and smoothies. It’s true that there is no misleadingContinue reading “Finding Fully Organic Juice Bars”