Vitamins & Supplements: Should I Take Them?

I’m going to write a series of posts on this topic. Let’s start at the very beginning.

Why do you want, or think you need, to take them?

Do you have a gut feeling that you’re just not eating a wide enough range of foods?

Are you simply looking to optimize your health?

Do you have symptoms, such as fatigue, that makes you wonder if vitamins would help?

Is it just because you see them everywhere, hear people talking about them, and feel like you might be missing something important?

Get clear on your reason why you want to take them, because there is no clear answer for everyone here.

Quality, efficacy (if they actually work), price, and several other things factor it. But it all starts with you and why you might need them.

It’s true that there is a wide range of vitamins which your body needs, and, you probably don’t want to be deficient in any of the important ones.

We’ll look through them one by one in future posts.

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