Organic Foods: “What are Superfoods?”

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are foods which contain high amounts (and/or) wide ranges of nutrients and enzymes. (These nutrients are not usually found in ‘standard’ foods or diets at the same degrees.) Superfoods may additionally support good health by aiding your body’s detoxification, immunity, and cleansing processes.

Superfoods may have exotic-sounding names, and come from all different parts of the world. They can be found as raw foods which need cooking, individual dried powders or extracts, added components to traditional forms of food, or, as ‘all-in-one’ blends & supplements.

Example: How to Eat Gojiberries

  1. You can buy these dried, whole, and snack on a few per day.
  2. You can find them as a powder, and add to a smoothie or batter.
  3. You can find them in various drinks or bars at any natural foods store.
  4. You can find several different ‘superfood blends’ with gojiberries as a component, and take daily.

With #1 & #2, you can control the dosage. With #3, it may be questionable how much or how effective the dose will be. With #4 you have less control, but, a good, well-researched supplement will probably be more effective than a flashy drink.

They range in price. Many are not cheap. If you compile a shopping list of ‘top 10’ or ‘top 20’ superfoods to take daily, you’ll have to invest a good amount of money every month, much like a full regimen of vitamins.

This is a basic overview of what superfoods are.

Stay tuned! In future posts, I will:

  • Further define what superfoods are
  • List some awesome – and surprising superfoods
  • Talk about how much, how many, and how often to eat them.

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