Should I Lift Weights?

Apologies in advance to all of the hardcore, long distance runners-only out there.

Yes, you need to lift weights.

You don’t need to do what I did at 5 AM this morning in my garage, which was:

  • Barbell warmup + soft tissue rolling
  • Bench press heavy + Farmer carry for 5 sets
  • Kettlebell swing + burpee circuit for 3 rounds
  • Barbell curl + tricep work for 4 sets
  • Suicide sprints for 100 yards
  • More soft tissue rolling + cooldown

But, you do need to be able to pick an object up off the floor and press it over your head.

Even if you haven’t ever lifted weights in your entire life, and you never want to touch a barbell, you can achieve a tremendous amount of functional strength with a simple weight training program.

It can be relatively gentle and it can begin with very light dumbbells, or, no weights at all (at first).

But you must, I repeat, must, challenge your body regularly if you want to grow old and still be able to use it.

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