Seasonal Eating

I spent much of the winter cooking and eating soups & stews.

Now that the ground is thawed, and spring is here, I feel a natural tendency to want to eat a little bit lighter.

I’ll start mixing in more fruits & vegetables, more salads, and ‘cooler’ foods.

This is not something that the magazine editors made up. When you see all of those recipes on blogs, and at your checkout counter, for ‘summer salads & dips’, it’s because changing what you eat based on the seasons is something you have done for thousands of years.

It is part of your DNA.

So, you should never feel like you need to eat the same things all year round just because it worked well 4 months ago, or because it’s a part of some routine.

It’s good for your body to digest some new things for awhile.

And even if you felt good & healthy before, a few new foods in the spring might make you feel even better.

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