Fear of Not Being First

We all get it whenever we have an idea, whenever we want to start something new, like a business or service.

I’ve had it several times in my professional career. Most recently, here’s a good example: Health Coaching.

There are thousands of Health Coaches out there already. Right in my local area, there are hundreds. I just picked up a free local magazine and saw ads all over the place, for people who seem to be far more advanced than me.

But here’s the thing: there’s always someone who’s been doing it longer (and for less time) than you.

There’s always someone who has a nicer website, or who seems to be selling the same solution you’re selling.

But that is not the whole truth.

The whole truth is that, if your idea, your solution is good, then, someone needs it.

You don’t need everyone to need it, and, you don’t need your competitor’s clients to need it.

You just need to deliver it to your customers in your way …

… which is the way that only your customers need it.

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