The Day 1 Cup of Coffee Was Too Many

For a year or two, I was averaging 5 cups per day, with some days being as high as 8 or 10 cups.

Recently, I’ve been lowering that number down to 3, 2, or even 1 cup.

It turns out that my body is quite sensitive to caffeine. Yesterday I couldn’t even finish my first cup.

It was time to go. There was a bit left in the bottom, and my body was asking me not to finish the last few sips. It had had enough.

Learning how to listen to your body takes some practice, but, that’s not the main point.

You’ll never be able to hear what old habits are hurting you if you don’t occasionally change, rotate, or reset them.

The first step towards doing that is to notice: what do you eat or drink out of habit?

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