As Long As You Start

I watched an older gentlemen the other day, approximately in his 70’s, go through an impressive routine on the Rumbler Roller.

I have the same one, and, his routine was very much like mine, but, even better. He spent a good thirty minutes loosening up every area of his soft tissue.

Before that he was on the treadmill for a little while. After that, he was going to do pilates for an hour. (I asked him about it.)

He didn’t touch any weights. Perhaps a few bands or resistance tools, that was it.

In thirty years, I might be squatting with a barbell, but, I might not.

There are all kinds of programs out there. The one for you is not necessarily the one for me.

You can start with one as simple as ‘walk for twenty minutes a day’.

As long as you start today, I’m OK with that.

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