Don’t Fear The Dishes

I’m not a chef. As a home cook, I’ve put out a few good meals. They don’t look fancy.

You know how some people plate everything as if they were Martha Stewart? I am not one of those people.

I don’t come from a home where everyone was cooking all the time. I started late in life, through books and internet recipes.

Yet I cook as often as possible, and, over the past ten years or so, cooking has brought additional joy into my life. As well as increased health, and savings.

The idea that ‘you can’t cook’ is just an idea. Someone, or multiple people, or something put that in your head.

You can make a soup, pan-fry a piece of chicken breast, or chop a few vegetables.

You just have to make a decision to want to change.

(And, not to fear doing the dishes.)



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