What Worked Before

My grandmother was telling me the other day (she’s in her mid-90’s; her exact age, I will keep private) how when she was a kid, there were no hospitals.

That’s not literally true (I checked); there were some. But she was correct; they really didn’t become ubiquitous, and in the format we know them today, until the 1980’s.

Going back into the 30’s & 40’s, you were much more likely to have your doctor visit you at home (make a house-call) than you were to go to a hospital.

Today, there is a growing trend back towards things that worked well in the past.

For example, you can get personalized care from a doctor right on your phone (in your own home). And, some doctors are actually doing house-calls these days (in person).

Don’t ignore what worked before. It did get us here in the first place.

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