Eating Out: Good Choices in Bad Places

For me, there’s an obvious difference between a restaurants with good or bad food.

You can see it in the first dish that passes by on a server’s tray while you’re waiting for your table.

You can smell it when you walk in the door, or, perhaps even before.

You know it at a glance of the menu.

But sometimes, you’ll find yourself in one of the bad ones, and that’s OK.

You need to eat with your family and friends wherever they are in life.

So, what’s a good choice in a bad place?

A plate of non-organic lettuce is not going to kill you. A simple grilled piece of fish or meat that may not be wild caught or grass-fed won’t either.

Just stay away from the deep fried items and the ones with sauces & dressings.

You can’t eat the ideal meal every meal.

But you can enjoy your food, then get back on track the next day.

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