Single-Pointed Focus: A Brief Intro

One of the most powerful weapons at your disposal is single-pointed focus.

This is dangerous. Do not underestimate it.

The difference between someone who strolls into the gym, checks their smartphone constantly in between sets, works out a bit, and then goes home, versus someone who enters the gym having already visualized them making their heavy lifts, gets to work, does the work as if there is no tomorrow, and doesn’t stop for anything is results.

The first person doesn’t achieve any. The second person gets big and strong. Really big and strong.

It’s not just in exercise. It’s in everything.

You can pay 100%, or 50%, attention to your family for an hour. One gets you 60 minutes of quality time. The other gets you half an hour of disappointment.

The first step towards practicing single-pointed focus is to get clear on what you want for your health.

Is it more energy?

Is it more time with your family?

Is it a raise?

Whatever it is, write it down.

We’ll revisit this practice soon.

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