Should I Box Squat?

A box squat is when you squat down to a box (or bench), come to a complete stop, lean back a bit, then explode back up to your full, original, standing position.

The complete stop ceases all momentum, making this variation of the squat truly focus on explosive power out of the bottom.

You’ve got to drive yourself up from a seated position, with a loaded barbell (if you are using weights) on your back.

It’s an awesome exercise that can fit into many programs.

But not all programs.

You see, just because I box squat occasionally, or because you read this post, or heard about them somewhere else, doesn’t mean you should do them too.

You should box squat if your Coach tells you to, or if it will help you achieve your goals.

There is no one program for everyone.

Box squats are helpful for many people.

But first, what is it that you want to get out of your training?

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