What is a CSA?

A CSA (community supported agriculture) is simply a model to shop for local, fresh food.

‘Local’ & ‘Fresh’ are widely marketed words these days, but, don’t be confused.

Getting your food from a CSA is actually local & fresh.

It’s food grown on nearby farms, or made by local producers.

It’s food that’s in season, young, fresh, & often made to order.

You’ll have to pick it up, usually once a week.

You won’t have the selection of tens of thousands of items you might find in a supermarket.

You will have to cook, sometimes with new foods.

You won’t necessarily love them all.

You will save money.

You will reduce negative environmental impact.

You will support local farmers.

You will eat foods that are richer in nutrients and have more ‘calorie density’ (be more filling).

You will be healthier & happier.

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