The Trickster In Your Head

You have a trickster in your head.

He sounds a lot like the voice of reason.

Your body has a voice of reason that knows when it’s time to stop eating, or to back off training a little bit.

But the trickster, he’s around at the most critical moments, saying the opposite things in almost the exact same voice.

“You deserve a little more sleep. You can workout tomorrow,” he whispers.

“Just one more bowl of rice isn’t going to kill you. You’ve been eating great all week,” he tells you.

He’s actually not a separate person; you don’t have split-personality disorder.

He is you. He is your ‘shadow’ self. He is the other end of the spectrum of everything that’s good for you. He aims to sabotage all of your hard work.

I don’t know why he’s there. He just is. Perhaps it’s because we can’t have progress without setbacks.

The mere knowledge that he’s in there, lurking, trying his best to set you back, is half the battle.

He goes away the more you prove him wrong.

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