You Are Your Own Best Doctor

Have you ever heard of a baby who mistakenly thought it was hungry, but, wasn’t really hungry at all?

When you are born, you know everything.

You know exactly what your body needs.

Food, touch, attention, play, laughter … a baby or toddler is rarely wrong.

It is only as you & I grow up that we are told otherwise.

‘You need to sit in this chair; you don’t need to go outside and play.’

We start to forget that we once knew exactly what we needed.

We start to think that we need what others want us to need.

If you could unblock, unlearn everything that you were told, you would be left with your pure intuition.

And your pure intuition knows what’s best.

Keep in mind that I am not saying that you don’t also need a doctor.

Just don’t forget that there is only one person who can truly feel what’s going on inside …

… you.

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