Caffeine Sensitivity

I recently improved my caffeine intake effectiveness from highly inefficient and possibly harmful, to superbly efficient and probably healthy.

I reduced the number of cups per day from about 6, 8, or sometimes even 10, all the way down to 1 or 2 at most.

But, notice the order I stated those sentences in.

Yes, I did ‘take something away’. But I gained something by doing so.

I gained effectiveness.

When I was drinking a lot of coffee, it was not providing much effect, other than to have my nervous system on a kind of ‘constant jitteriness’.

Now that I am drinking just a little bit of coffee (and, more water and tea), the one cup is more than enough. I get a boost that lasts a long time, and sometimes is even a bit too much.

The tea, water, and awareness remind me that that’s all the coffee I need. I’ve got plenty of energy. No need to manufacture any more artificially.

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