Becoming Strong

I wasn’t always strong and fit, but I always knew I could be.

There was a time that I was lean and athletic. But not strong.

Then there was a time that I was really unhealthy.

It was only much later in life that I began strength training.

And it took a good five years, if not more, to get strong once I started.

And, I’m not done yet. Not by a long shot. I may be somewhat strong today, but, I will get a lot stronger.

Even when I was as young as about ten years old, perhaps younger, I knew that one day I would become strong.

I knew because I saw that other people could too.

You may not be a bodybuilder (I’m not). You are an individual. Your body is not the same as everyone else’s. The details of your version of strong are not the same as mine.

However, on a basic level, you’re no different than anybody else.

It’s that simple. You and I both have the potential to become as strong as we can be.


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