How Old Is Nutrition Science?

Have you ever stopped to think about this, amidst all of the nutrition information that’s constantly thrown in your face?

The next time you hear a headline, hack, or tip about what to eat, take a pause.

It’s Really Young.

On one hand, the science of nutrition has only been around since the 1700’s. That’s practically no time at all.

Taking all newly released scientific nutritional advice as truth is about the same as accepting that the earth is flat, or that cigarettes are good for you, just because.

It’s not that we don’t have smart, well-intended people conducting studies. We do.

We’re just simply so young and naive at validating all of this research (among other problems, like bias) that it’s way too soon to make any headline, book, or blog post the guiding light to what you eat.

But It’s Also Really Old.

On the other hand, we do possess a far older, equally scientific database of nutritional knowledge.

It’s simply that this database is often overlooked and, rarely thought of as scientfic.

But I argue that it is.

It’s the science of what your grandmother knows. It’s what she learned, from experience.

It’s what works.

It worked for her, and for her grandmother, and hers before her.

It got you here, and, like your grandmothers before you, you can keep experimenting on yourself.

Find a way to combine what they knew (which is truly robust knowledge) with what you read, and, then you’ve got something you can rely on.

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