A Little Extra Work

I’ve got a rare restriction in my garage gym: I never drop my weights.

I invested in top quality bumper plates, an awesome barbell, and built a lifting platform with thick rubber horse stall mats.

I train to sub-max & max effort, with no spotter, on all the big lifts, including the Olympic lifts, alone.

So, with all of the above said, I should be dropping weights, because I should be having misses, and, the correct way to miss is to get the hell out of the way.

But I don’t. I lower the weights softly, or, as softly as possible, even from heavy snatches and presses.

I rack them back to the clean position, then the hang, and then I let them down.

I only drop the weight if I simply cannot get up from the bottom of a squat, or, cannot receive the snatch overhead.

Why do I do all of this extra work? Every time I dead-lift or clean, I have this added negative lowering to do.

It’s because my kids are sleeping above my garage.

A little extra work never woke a sleeping child, or, hurt anyone.

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