How Are Emotions & Eating Woven Together?

What you eat, and how you feel, are interwoven.

And because a weave goes over, then under, then over, then under, and continues, it cycles: how you feel is interwoven with what you eat.

To give this truth a tangible feel: if you put something in your mouth, like lettuce, it might actually make you feel the emotion of happiness.

Or, if you drink too much coffee, you might start to feel nervous and excited.

Or, if you are feeling tired and dehydrated, you might grab something with a lot of sugar or salt, like a candy bar.

None of this is my idea; it’s not new.

My question is, how often do you take notice of it?

Once you’re aware of the threads that connect your emotions with your eating habits, you can, if so desired, try on some new clothes.

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