Today I Grew Stronger

This morning, I got stronger and tougher.

How do I know that?

Because I chose a weight that was a little too eager for the given sets & reps.

It was barbell rows + shrugs + barbell pushups with hands on bar, all supinated, all without removing hands from bar, for 2 rounds of 10 + 10 + max, no rest.

I knew after the first 3 rows that I was in trouble.

I could have stopped right there and changed the weight.

But, it wasn’t one that felt like it was going to injure me … it just felt like I might not get the full # of reps done without breaking.

I never took my hand off the bar. I did stop to breathe, briefly.

At the end, I was over taxed. I had very little left, and my body was wrecked.

And that’s how I knew I made a good choice.

Because it was very uncomfortable, it was a little bit past my limit, and I finished it.

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