Fitting Out: Qi Gong On the Train

I’ll guess that at least a few people found what I did on the train platform this morning weird.

I practiced Qi Gong, which is a form of moving meditation and breathing.

(Literally translated, Qi Gong means “life force practice”.)

But while I was standing there, amidst hundreds of people, with my eyes closed, arms raised up to the sky in a ‘V’, feet spread 2 shoulder widths apart, breathing deeply, focusing on the heaven, the center of the earth, and my own energy, I was happy.

And when I opened my eyes, and saw about 80% of those hundreds of people all doing the same thing – staring down at their cell phones – I thought they were a bit weird.

The idea behind ‘Fitting Out’ is that you should Fit Out if it bring you joy. Not fit in.


“Strength + Health = Vitality.” – Coach Matt

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