Your Secret On-Call Personal Nutritionist

It’s your bowels.

You may not like to talk about your bowel movements, but, it’s true.

How often you go, and what they look like tell you a lot about what you should, or should not be eating.

You don’t need to pay anybody for this feedback. You can gauge it yourself, everyday.

You should be going one or two times per day, and they should be relatively solid and easy to pass, like sausages.

If that is not happening, then you are eating food that is irritating your body.

The farther away from solid regularity, the more irritating your diet is. And the more likely it’s holding you back in many other ways, or worse, making you sick.

A Health Coach, Nutritionist, Doctor, or other specialist might be needed to help guide you to correct eating.

(And, if you want to do deeper, there is a wealth of information you can gain from stool testing.)

But you don’t need a professional to simply look & see what your diet is doing to your gut.

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