“Strength + Health = Vitality.”

What does this mean  to me? “Strength + Health = Vitality.” – Coach Matt

You see it at the bottom of my blog posts recently, and, at the top of the home page.

You’ve got to be Strong.

Being strong, both mentally and physically, prepares you for everything. Life will give you plenty to tackle. I train for life.

You’ve got to be Healthy.

Being healthy means taking care of yourself, in every area of life. Not just your garage gym. (OK, well, mine.) Your family needs you. Your teammates needs you. Your co-workers need you. And they need you happy, well, and balanced. Not sick and tired.

Vitality is the powerful combination of Strength & Health.

After many years of personal experience and extensive research on depression, Andrew Solomon concluded his epic work on the topic as follows: “The opposite of depression is not love; it is vitality.”

When we are Strong & Healthy, we become filled with Vitality. This is more than just ‘energy’; it’s closer to ‘life force’ or ‘chi’. It’s electricity. It’s willpower. It is the mindset that life is fair, and that we control our own destinies because we can overcome anything.

“Strength + Health = Vitality.” – Coach Matt

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