Periodic De-Loading

This one’s for those who train hard.

Don’t forget to de-load 3 or 4 times per year.

I did, and it cost me.

I went hard & fast for more than six months.

Then I pulled a hamstring … while I was asleep! Not kidding.

Granted, there’s a little more to the story of the injury than that.

But not having taken a de-load week for too long was a major factor.

I’ve got one now 🙂

What’s a de-loading week?

It can look different, depending on how you train.

Generally speaking, if you’re lifting a lot, at the end of a 3 or 4 month cycle, you should take 1 or 2 weeks of body-weight only training.

By the way, you can get pretty damned strong with only body-weight training.

So it’s not going to set you back.

In fact, it’s going to set you up for more gains.

“Strength + Health = Vitality.” – Coach Matt

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