Smart Food Shopping | Stories

Have you ever gone into a supermarket looking for something specific, such as ‘gluten-free pasta’, then quickly gotten lost in a sea of choices?

Walking through the supermarket, even for an experienced shopper, Health Coach, and organic food salesman like myself can be overwhelming.

My #1 Rule Of Smart Food Shopping [LINK] still stands: Read The Ingredients First.

“OK Matt, but, what if I’ve done that, and, there are still 25 good choices?”

Here is Rule #2: Remain Neutral.

Everything about food packaging is a telling a story.

These can be very persuasive.

I am not saying that all stories are bad; many are true, and good.

But also, many stories are incomplete, misleading, or even wholly false.

So to navigate this, stay in the middle.

What are they trying to tell me here? Why? Is this really better for me, or the planet?

Don’t instantly buy into to what’s being presented.

Just because it’s certified Organic, doesn’t mean that it’s healthy.

(Hint: a broccoli cookie is not broccoli; it is a cookie.)

“Strength + Health = Vitality.” – Coach Matt

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