How I Got Injured While Sleeping

Training hard and fast regularly (as I do) is great. It’s one of the the cornerstones of my health.

It’s where I draw most of my endless supply of energy from.

It’s where I learn not to fear anything.

It’s what makes me ready for anything.

That’s all ‘Yang’.

Yang must be balanced out with Yin.

In the realm of physical training of the body, Yin would be: yoga, static stretching, foam rolling, massage, body-weight only movements & balancing, ballet, among other things.

Now, I was stretching regularly.

I always do a thorough dynamic warm up. But, for the last six months, I was not always doing a thorough static cool down.

I was doing some additional stretching and yoga, but, not scheduled.

I knew it wasn’t enough, and, it came back to haunt me.

I went to one yoga class. It was a gentle yoga class – not a flow, but, rather, a static holding class.

I went deep on the stretches. Really deep. In fact, I had an awesome session. The instructor even complemented me. I felt great the rest of the day.

But, my body wasn’t used to it. Not enough.

Later that night, at about midnight, while I was fast asleep, my hamstring twisted into a knot. I woke up in big time pain.

I limped around all weekend until I finally got it fixed. More on that later.

So, yes, you can get injured while sleeping, but, in reality, the injury occurred before that …

… it occurred from not enough scheduled Yin in my programming.

The pain was just the result.

“Strength + Health = Vitality.” – Coach Matt

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