How Should I Take Protein Powder?

If you’re new to exercise, the first thing you’ll want to do is figure out how much protein you are already ingesting every day. Chances are, it’s already more than enough. But, everyone is different. And timing matters. So let’s skip forward to this part: you want to take protein powder either before or afterContinue reading “How Should I Take Protein Powder?”

Selfishness & Selflessness of Training

I get some occasional pushback on how regularly and diligently I make time to train. “You can make time to train, but, not for ____.” “You say you have too much work, but, you exercised for an hour this morning.” You’re damn right, and, you can either be with me, or against me on this.Continue reading “Selfishness & Selflessness of Training”

A List of Coffee Drinking Myths

These are all reasons why I drink coffee, but, none of them stand on their own as truth: Because it’s the same time you usually have it every day. Because it smells good. Because you love the way it tastes. Because it helps you wake up. Because you heard the Folger’s song “The best partContinue reading “A List of Coffee Drinking Myths”

“Strength + Health = Vitality.”

What does this mean  to me? “Strength + Health = Vitality.” – Coach Matt You see it at the bottom of my blog posts recently, and, at the top of the home page. You’ve got to be Strong. Being strong, both mentally and physically, prepares you for everything. Life will give you plenty to tackle. IContinue reading ““Strength + Health = Vitality.””

What’s Your Creative Outlet?

Whenever I’m behind on my daily blog posts, it starts to nag at my soul. I feel like I owe the ‘piper’, and, I have to pay. Some people think that blogging daily is simply too much. It’s not. That’s not the issue. I’m rarely behind; it’s only recently that has been happening. Why doContinue reading “What’s Your Creative Outlet?”