Balance & Circularity

Balance in your life is fundamental to being in good health, but, it’s not a see-saw.

Balance is circular.

If you take the see-saw approach, as I did for many years, you’ll constantly be running back and forth from one side of the see-saw (work) to the other (family).

This might be fine for awhile, except that what will eventually happen is that your work and family needs will keep changing.

Therefore you will be running back and forth, faster and faster, trying to ‘catch up’ to the changing ‘weights’ on each side, hoping to achieve counterbalance … until you burn out.

You’ll waste all of your energy simply with the in-between stuff.

If, on the other hand, you take the circular approach, …

  • Life is a circle of things; not just your ‘work’ and your ‘family’. It also includes areas such as exercise, spirituality, finances, and creativity.
  • Your particular ‘pie’ might be sliced up into 8, or even 12 pieces.
  • You can look at your pie, at any time, and think about which slices need more, or less attention.
  • You can then devote a certain number of hours per day, or week, or month, to those areas.
  • You won’t be perfect at this at first, but you can practice discipline, and eventually master this kind of balancing.

… you might find balance, and happiness, without all of the running.