2 Keys to A Healthy Spiritual Practice

Spirituality is a bit of a buzzword these days. I’d like to unpack it briefly, because, having a regular spiritual practice is great for your health.

To me, a regular spiritual practice must be two things: regular, and sincere.

1. Regular

You must practice it regularly. Daily is best, but, it could be less. I don’t know what works best for you, but, I do know that positive daily habits are very, very powerful.

2. Sincere

You must give yourself up to the practice, fully. You cannot simply go through the motions. It won’t always be easy or perfect, but you must maintain good intentions; namely, to have the intention of honoring your own health.

You must be open to whatever the practice gives you in return. It will teach you things, and, you should listen. You may find that you need to do something, or practice more often. Whatever your heart tells, you, listen to it.

Notice that I did not say: where, when, or how it must happen. For you, it could be three minutes of watering your plants, while you think about what you are grateful for. Or, it could be spending three hours every Sunday morning in church.

For me, it’s ten minutes of daily meditation. I also supplement with additional sessions, sometimes very brief ones, as needed.

It has nothing to do with religion, by definition, but, it certainly could.

It has everything to do with honoring yourself, your life, and your health.