How Dairy Works For Me Right Now

I consume very little dairy, as, in any given day or meal in which I eat more than a few ounces, I feel bloated & gassy. So, I haven’t really partaken in dairy for several years, and I am much happier without it.

I find nut milks & vegan cheeses to be more than satisfying on/in pizzas & smoothies.

And then, I find the occasional ‘treat’ – like a few bites of high quality dairy cheese at a party – to be fun.

I also know that a small or medium amount of dairy won’t kill me, so, when faced with limited choices, it’s a non-issue to have some.

That’s how dairy works for me right now.

Next month, or next year, perhaps I’ll eat more.

Perhaps I’ll put some raw milk into my routine and see how that works.

I don’t know how dairy is working for you right now, but, however it is, simply know that you’re not locked into a box, and it will change over time.