Making Your First Offer

No proposal will ever be perfect. But, no new venture will ever begin until you ask. The first time will be awkward. You’ll probably overthink it. And, you probably won’t deliver the best results, either. But you will be on the path becoming a professional. The other path (never asking) doesn’t lead anywhere.


Someone complimented me on my self-restraint at Thanksgiving, because I did not eat several of the dishes, including the desserts. I modestly thanked them, but, I’m not quite sure I would put it that way. I was not holding myself back from anything. I simply don’t have a desire to put certain things into myContinue reading “Clarity”

It is possible …

… that you’re not crazy. That everyone else is wrong. Eating lots of vegetables; rigorously maintaining your spirituality & exercise, cooking … whatever regimen you adhere to that keeps you healthy. Even your doctor might think something’s wrong. But who are they comparing you to? ‘Normal’ Americans, whose blood markers are, on average, relatively sick?