Food Signals & Food Noise

There are some things I cannot scientifically explain when it comes to eating food, but I know they happen, because they happen to me.

And if they happen to me, then, they can happen to you, because I am no one.

Or, I am no different than you.

Your know when you’ve had enough of any given food or drink. Be it caffeine, alcohol, ice cream pasta, or kale, you are a finely tuned bio-computer. There are feedback signals firing all the time, telling you either to ingest more, or, to stop.

It’s just a question of noticing them, and, then, of course, listening to them.

And, seeing the difference between what you think is an internal signal – a truthful one, from within your body – and external noise (which, comes from places like advertisements).

The external noises are very powerful. I still fight them, and, I still lose sometimes.

But let’s start this conversation of ‘signals and noise’. Let’s be aware of the difference.

We can deconstruct them as we go.