Google Is Not Your Coach

It’s time to cut through the clutter.

There’s a ton of information out there about food and fitness.

Far too much to digest. Far to much to Google and read. Far too much to know where to begin, and where you’re going to end up.

You need a coach.

So do I.

We all need someone who’s tried it before. Who’s seen what works, and what does not.

Google is not your coach. It can be a path to find your coach.

You might the kind of person who can thrive with very little one-on-one interaction.

Who can find a program that’s very affordable, autonomous, low-maintenance, and achieve success.

But you do need guidance. Someone to check in with at least once a quarter, to make sure you are on track. To ask questions. To adjust.

Because even the best written programs need minor tweaks, and raise questions.

Make sure that wherever you decide to start, you have someone to ask those questions of.

Someone, meaning, a person. Not a search engine.

It’s your body. Invest in it. A little advice from another human being goes a long, long way.