One-Way Relationships

The food business used to be composed of one-way relationships:

Customer > Broker > Wholesaler > Distributor > Manufacturer

The length and placement of people in the chain varied, but, very rarely did anyone in that chain play more than one of those roles.

If you were a broker, you were a broker.

You didn’t sell things to your vendors; you bought from them.

Today, relationship are multi-faceted.

You can sell to, and buy from, someone.

You can also broker for them.

You might sponsor them, lend your infrastructure to them, or share your client list with them.

Your customers might also be your R&D department (for free!) (if they love you).

Collaboration is abound, and, the possibilities are endless.

There are no rules as to what role you must play anymore.

Should you know what you want to accomplish?

Yes, of course.

But there are many ways to get there.