3 Steps To Make Good Habits Automatic

There is a lot of writing out there about habits (good & bad) and how you can acquire them.

I’ll tell you this, which I know to be true from experience:

(1) Start with a small, daily commitment. For example, ‘write down 10 ideas every day’, or, ‘meditate for 10 minutes every day’.

(2) After about two or three months, this becomes a habit. It is so ingrained that you don’t have to think about it.

(3) In fact, you start to think about not doing it – you can’t ‘miss’ it, or you’ll be upset. You must do it. It’s no longer a question. It becomes automatic.

After acquiring a few good habits, using the power of daily commitment, this process itself becomes much easier & smoother.

It’s a little bit ‘meta’; ‘acquiring good habits’ becomes a habit itself. You can start to add more habits, or more complicated habits, faster and with less effort.