In sales, you must be relentless. You must never stop fighting for your client. You need to dig deeper. You need to make sure. You must not settle for anything probable. The minute you stop thinking relentlessly is the same minute that your relationship is at risk.

“100% Happiness Guarantee”

Some businesses offer this. Yes, it’s great to tell your customers they will be fully refunded if they are not completely satisfied.  In fact, a strong guarantee makes the sale much more likely.  (Side note: If the guarantee is not full of holes.) But what if you were honest and realistic up front, instead?   “We messContinue reading ““100% Happiness Guarantee””

Best Possible Version

Everyone on your team has a unique best possible version of themselves. Don’t be tempted to transforms Johnny into another Celia. Johnny can learn from Celia, but he’ll have to incorporate his own style into the work.  Your customer service will be awesome if every team member trnsforms themselves into their best selves. That isContinue reading “Best Possible Version”