You’re Running Out Of Time

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the metric of time, as conventionally looked at.
Clocks & ages have their utility. I’m not complaining.

I want to make my train on time, and be able to gauge how long a thing has been around.

But, the hard, numeric view of time doesn’t work for me when it comes to making choices about what to do, and, for how long.

The number of minutes in the day never changes.

What can change for you, today, is, how many areas of your life are you focusing on improving?

How will you divide your today among them?

I have three: Family, Work, & Self.

Some days, 1 or 2 get more than the other(s).

Some days are completely unbalanced.

But, it’s helpful to know the three, well. Because any activity that is not directly going towards one of them needs to be discarded.

Quickly, because, you’re running out of time faster than you think.

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