The Other Side Of Pain

I’m convinced that, even though it’s taking my wrist several weeks to get back to full strength after a pretty bad sprain, that it would have taken double the amount of time – or never regained full strength at all – if I wasn’t constantly attacking the pain point.
So you may see me on the train, in meetings, and at my kids’ events pressing, pulling, twisting, stretching, and turning my wrist in the most painful possible ways, trying not to grimace all the while, persisting until each position becomes bearable.

The same is true for your business.

Put it in a bandage and hope it heals all by itself is not a strategy.

If your business is hurting for money, customers, morale, or anything, then you’ve got find out why, and attack.

It’s probably going to hurt like hell.

But pushing through the pain is the only way to become stronger than you were before.

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