10 Things Your Business Can Offer Which Can Never Be Copied

1) Honesty

2) Personalized Service

3) Commitments (that you honor, of course, aka Integrity)

4) Solutions (for your customers, that work, sometimes for free, unsolicited)

5) Ideas (free, always)

6) Fortitude (will you stand by your partners through bad times?)

7) Stress Relief (do work for them that you don’t have to do, but that will make their life easier)

8) The word ‘No’ (when it crosses a line, when it isn’t sustainable, when they need to hear it, even if it hurts)

9) Empathy (this should pervade everything your business does, even the way it cleans the bathroom)

10) Love (and, you can say ‘I love you’ out loud, it is OK.)

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