10 Benefits Of Eating Gluten-Free

I do not have Celiac disease, but I haven’t eaten wheat since approximately 2007. People often ask me, why? 1- Improved digestion & regularity 2- Sharper mind 3- Not feeling bloated after meals (though, eating 6 servings of rice will still accomplish that) 4- Forces you to eat higher quantities of healthier foods (aka, notContinue reading “10 Benefits Of Eating Gluten-Free”

10 Reasons Never To Use Excuses At Work

1- Nobody wants to hear them.2- You’ll be less likely to be asked to do important work again. 3- Professionals shoulder the blame – for the whole team. 4- They are infinite, so, they are (by definition) also worthless. 5- They don’t move anything forward. 6- They are not the same as critical analysis ofContinue reading “10 Reasons Never To Use Excuses At Work”

10 Things Your Business Can Offer Which Can Never Be Copied

1) Honesty 2) Personalized Service 3) Commitments (that you honor, of course, aka Integrity) 4) Solutions (for your customers, that work, sometimes for free, unsolicited) 5) Ideas (free, always) 6) Fortitude (will you stand by your partners through bad times?) 7) Stress Relief (do work for them that you don’t have to do, but thatContinue reading “10 Things Your Business Can Offer Which Can Never Be Copied”

There’s No Such Thing As Free Money

Some people are going to overpay you in the food business. Perhaps you charge them the wrong price, completely by accident, and they never check their bills – but you notice it later. Perhaps they double-pay an invoice. Perhaps they undercharged you and didn’t notice. Perhaps they shipped too much product. All of the aboveContinue reading “There’s No Such Thing As Free Money”