‘Ten Ways To Improve Writing” #IdeaMachine

Today was day number 153 of 180 for me following Claudia’s book “Become An Idea Machine“.
If you haven’t seen these posts before, sometimes I like to share my 10 ideas for the day with you.

Here we go with “10 ways to improve writing”:

1- You must write every day, for a long time.

2- You must keep the reader in mind.

3- Do not do other things while you are writing.

4- When you write, you can write anything you want.

5- If you want your writing to be good, you’re going to have to overcome your fear of being embarrassed.

6- Most of what you write is not going to be good.

7- Some of what you write is going to be very good.

8- Over time, eventually, a few things that you write might be outstanding, if you put in the time.

9- You’re going to piss off someone you love.

10- You should publish something every day.

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