On Sticking With One Path (At Least, For A Good While)

There isn’t necessarily any one thing that you were born, or put on this earth, to do.
Of course, you will hear some people say that. And, that’s fine.

But I think that the real difference between them (not just the people who talk about having found what their ‘thing in life’ is, but, them being everyone who seems to be doing what they feel they were ‘meant’ to be doing) and (you? me?) is that they have decided to stick with their one thing longer.

It doesn’t meant that they’re right. It doesn’t meant that they’re experts. It doesn’t mean that they’re renowned or wealthy. They could be, but, they might not.

And it doesn’t mean that they won’t ever switch gears.

What it means is that they commit to one path and get on for the ride, all in, without jumping off when it gets rough, and without looking back.

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