5 More Moral Stands To Live; What Are Yours? #IdeaMachine

Here are the final 5 in my list of ‘moral stands to live by’:
6- "Do everything as if my children are watching." This helps me when I’m faced with a choice, and I’m by myself sometimes.

7- "You must first take care of yourself before you are able to take care of anyone else." I’m sure that sometimes, I am perceived as selfish when I prioritize myself over others, or when I talk about this concept. But you’re supposed to put the oxygen mask on yourself before the child next to you for a reason.

8- "You cannot do two things at the same time." As I mentioned the other day, it’s just not possible. You can switch back & forth between tasks, but you can’t do both simultaneously.

9- "I might die right after I publish this blog post." Or tomorrow, or next week. I have no idea when, but, I know that my time here is short, and, I don’t want to fill it up doing anything that’s wasteful. Not even for one minute.

10- "What would it be like in your shoes?" Or, the Golden Rule. I try to see & consider everything from your perspective, sometimes to a fault, before making any comments.


If you pick up Become an Idea Machine: Because Ideas Are The Currency of the 21st Century, then you may embark on a 180-day journey of coming up with ten ideas every day.

I did. “What Would You Say Are The Top 10 Moral Underlying Stands You Live By, and Why?” are the 10 ideas you’ll write down on day 127.

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