On The Power Of Your Brain

I’m not going to starve if the waiter completely forgets to bring my food.
Even though I know this, my pre-frontal cortex (at least, that’s what I’ve heard) tells me that I am. It tells me that I have to eat now, especially because everyone else around me is eating. (That makes me feel even hungrier.)

It’s dinner-time. We came all the way out to dinner to eat! My pre-frontal cortex has me drooling and ready to run into the kitchen to find out what’s going on.

But, because I know this is just a ‘brain trick’, I relax. My heart will keep beating. My lungs will keep breathing. I will not die. Not even if I skip this meal completely.

Yet, the power of the brain to make you nervous is strong. The other people around me are very upset about my ‘lack of food’. They seem to think the waiter should be fired, or entire meals should be free … this is OUTRAGEOUS!

Their pre-frontal cortex are acting up too, in sympathy with my own.

Just remember; our brains are very powerful, and sometimes, too powerful for our own good.

Things are rarely as bad as the feel.

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