“How Do You Cope With Anxiety?” via @ClaudiaYoga #IdeaMachine10AntiStress

1- Breathe. Deep. Ten times.
2- Break it down into simple steps. You only have to take one small step to get started.

3- Go to sleep. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing, right now. Tackle the problem when you are refreshed.

4- Ask someone for help. They might not even help that much. It doesn’t matter. Just ask.

5- Tell yourself: ‘This is not permanent.’ That is just your brain playing a trick on you. Nothing is permanent. It won’t be like this forever. Guaranteed.

6- Exercise. Yep, that’s right: go to the gym, go for a run, or whatever it is that you do – even if you’re under a tremendous workload and feel like you don’t have the time. Your body will thank you, and your energy will be up.

7- Begin with the end in mind. How would you want this to (look, feel, be) if you could wave a magic wand? Now, you have a goal; something to work towards.

8- Think first, before you do. Then start doing. (This means, plan your moves, step by step. Don’t just try to ‘do’ as much as possible. Be organized.)

9- Remember that not everything needs a response right now … and some things don’t need a response at all. You have the right to wait.

10- Tell yourself: “This is not me. This is not who I am. This is a situation. This situation may suck. It may be bleak. It may be horrible. But I am not horrible. I can take this situation and put in outside of me. It is not part of me.”

11- (Bonus!) Remember that you always control one-half of the conversation: your half. No matter what the other person, company, or government agency may have to say, you can still say what you want to say.

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