On Sticking With One Path (At Least, For A Good While)

There isn’t necessarily any one thing that you were born, or put on this earth, to do. Of course, you will hear some people say that. And, that’s fine. But I think that the real difference between them (not just the people who talk about having found what their ‘thing in life’ is, but, themContinue reading “On Sticking With One Path (At Least, For A Good While)”

“How Do You Do Stay So Happy?”

Well, there are things that knock me off my game. For example: When I’m not organized. When I’m pulled between two things. When my keyboard is stuck and I need to type. When I’m short on time. When I have to stay up late. When I’m not working on my ONE thing. Sleep, energy, productivity,Continue reading ““How Do You Do Stay So Happy?””

5 More Moral Stands To Live; What Are Yours? #IdeaMachine

Here are the final 5 in my list of ‘moral stands to live by’: 6- "Do everything as if my children are watching." This helps me when I’m faced with a choice, and I’m by myself sometimes. 7- "You must first take care of yourself before you are able to take care of anyone else."Continue reading “5 More Moral Stands To Live; What Are Yours? #IdeaMachine”