On Committing To Being As Strong As Possible

It was raining the other night. It was an ‘off-night’ from training, but something has changed. Completing a training session earlier in the work week that scheduled is usually good for me, but that wasn’t it. I exercised because it was raining. I used to think ‘Oh, well, the program might call for running outside, so,Continue reading “On Committing To Being As Strong As Possible”

It’s Not Your Recipe, It’s Your Heart.

You can spend years perfecting a recipe – literally – only to have someone copy it in a matter of minutes. I’ve seen it happen. There are actually business whose sole function is to reverse engineer, then re-create, your product. And guess what? They’ve (probably) got a lot more money than you. They’re going toContinue reading “It’s Not Your Recipe, It’s Your Heart.”

The Thin Line Between Dreams and Reality

The other night I wrote a blog post in my sleep. Literally; a whole post, from beginning word to end, just like this one. Sometimes a post just comes to you like that. Sometimes it happens in your sleep, or, at least, in your earliest waking state. Where I went wrong was, I didn’t hopContinue reading “The Thin Line Between Dreams and Reality”